Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's in the living...

Today I got to spend the morning, the HAWT, STICKY, SWEATY morning, shooting with two of my all-time favorite people.  Lisa and I had the pleasure of taking senior pics this morning with our sister-in-law, Ivy.  Ivy has this HUGE lens that makes us feel a bit inadequate, and she has that refreshing eye that we all need from time-to-time.  It was so much fun to wander the streets of downtown Sioux City, the three of us. Like it's just s'post to be that way.  Unfortunately, Ivy's visit was not solely to be our guest photographer, but due to the passing of her beautiful mother, Toni.  Toni was a creative spirit, and as I walked ahead of my SIL's this morning I couldn't help but think that we were doing exactly what Toni would have wanted.  We were living.  We were creating.  We were purposely seeking beauty and capturing it in every form (ahem... beer bottle next to street lamp from the plank position).  Today the credit goes to Toni.  Today I am thankful for my best friends who just happen to be my sisters-in-law, too.  Today I am lucky!


  1. Beautiful reflection, Katie! Love you!

  2. I just read this again... tears are falling. A beautifully written sentiment.

    I love you both.